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Welcome! Although Uncanoonuc Foraging has been around a couple of years this site is brand new. My name is Christine and I'm pretty much a one woman show so when you join a walk or book a talk, you'll probably get me.

Some things about me:

  • My degrees are in Art Education and Photography.

  • I've lived in two countries and two states.

  • I am bilingual albeit rusty.

  • I live in Goffstown with my husband and 2 dogs. My 3 adult children have flown the nest.

  • In 2021 I left my my job in the insurance industry, and as a life skills para, to pursue a life focused on mushrooms.

  • I have lead walks in a handful of states including NH, ME, RI, NY, GA, and I have foraged in most of the east coast states, plus West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Oregon.

  • Tier 3 Certified in Wild Mushroom Identification - Rhode Island

  • Tier 1 Certified in Wild Mushroom Identification - New Hampshire

  • Founding partner of NH Myco Weekend

Services I offer:

  • I schedule group walks

  • I am available for private walks

  • I am available for organizations and schools

  • I am available to speak about mushroom

  • I teach mushroom identification

Products I offer:

  • mushroom stickers

  • mugolio

  • ramps, seasonal

  • fiddleheads, seasonal

  • fresh mushrooms, seasonal

  • Dye mushrooms

  • CSF(community supported foraging) subscriptions

I'm sure more things will pop into my head but this is a good start. Please feel free to reach out or comment if you have any questions. If you've read this far, thank you!

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