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Hey There

After trying to manage my business using only social media and email I decided I needed to streamline things for both you and me. You'll now be able to sign up for email notifications for events, walks, and products, sign up and pay through the website, and buy products online. I'll even have a blog.(Do people still do that?) I'm still working out some kinks so please stay with me. Thanks for following along on my journey and supporting me however you have been able. I appreciate you!

 -Christine Gagnon

All About Me

Although I was first introduced to edible wild mushrooms as a child in Quebec, I did not begin my deep dive into mushroom identification until 2018. At that point I jumped in with both feet and over my head to absorb as much information as quickly as possible. I have an art education degree and a photography degree from Massachusetts College of Art. I now use my education experience to teach others about mushrooms. I started Uncanoonuc Foraging Company to lead groups and private walks, in New Hampshire and other states, to introduce people to the world of culinary mushrooms and other fungi. I am a founder of NH Myco Weekend, where enthusiasts gather to learn and to spend time with others in the local Myco community. My philosophy is that no matter how much you know, there is always more to learn and there are people who know things you don’t. We all learn from each other. I live in New Hampshire with my husband Paul who is a potter, and my two dogs. We have 3 adult children but are now navigating life as empty nesters. I have been featured on NH Chronicle, NHPR, NPR’s Here and Now, Diary of a Nation Podcast, and The Hippo, and more.

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